Recovery4Life eyes US expansion as demand accelerates

Gateshead-based occupational health provider Recovery4Life has outlined plans to open offices in the US and create new jobs in the coming year, following a period of rapid growth.

The business has grown its turnover by more than 4,470 per cent since being established five years ago, and more than quadrupled its team last year.

It now has plans to create ten jobs, and open bases with partners in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for Recovery4Life’s services soared as employers sought testing facilities but also required support with occupational health to help their people recover and return to work, with additional challenges being raised by Long Covid.

Alex Devitt, chief operating officer at Recovery4Life, said: “Over the last five years we have become recognised as an award-winning specialist healthcare provider, trusted by employers and employees across a range of sectors. Nearly all our work comes via referral and very few companies offer the range of specialist treatment options that we do – from complex mental needs to home detoxes from alcohol or drugs.”

He added: “It’s an exciting time for us because we are now reaching a point in our development where we are ready to scale. We have proved that our approach works, and we are now looking at funding and investment options.”

During the Covid period the company set up the 20-20 Fund.

Following the appointment of Dr Nikhil Premchand, an expert in infectious diseases, Recovery4Life built a full risk management system named passport2work in order to help businesses achieve operational continuity and opted to donate profits from Covid testing to local charities and organisations that were struggling.