Tees Tech Awards: Fitfactory Wins Company of the Year

The Tees Tech Awards 2023 was a night filled with anticipation, joy, and emotion as the tech community of Teesside gathered at the Kirkleatham Walled Garden Pavilion.

With over 300 people in attendance, the event was organized by Tees Business in association with DigitalCity and Middlesbrough Digital, and hosted by Bob Cuffe MBE. Beyond celebrating technological achievements, the event also aimed to raise funds for The Hope Foundation’s FurbdIT project, a noble initiative fighting digital poverty in the region.

The night was a strong showcase of talent from across the Tees area, from new tech start-ups to established organisations, everyone came together to support tech on Teesside.

For us at Fitfactory, simply being nominated for two awards (Innovation and Company of the Year) was already a win. To be recognised for the hard work of our team, and our solutions that we know are pushing digital manufacturing to new heights means the world to us. That said….the only feeling that can top being nominated is winning an award, and walking away with the Tees Tech award for ‘Company of the Year’ was certainly the the peak of our night!

Our very own Jason Pritchard (Fitfactory Technology CEO) has this to say regarding the award: “I’m very shocked and very happy. We’ve had amazing growth, the team I’ve got around me are amazing, and we are constantly striving for innovation and development.”

Reflecting on Fitfactory’s accomplishments, Jason added: “We’ve had a phenomenal year. We’ve built some great relationships in America and are now about to sign a mega deal for the company which will see us accelerate hugely in the North-East and in Teesside especially.”

The Company of the Year accolade is a reflection of our commitment at Fitfactory to excellence and innovation. With our software solutions, we have not only transformed the landscape of the automotive manufacturing space but have also contributed significantly to the advancement of the tech industry in Teesside and beyond.

With all that said no one at Fitfactory is happy to rest on their laurels with this award. This solidifies to the industry a belief that we have been fighting for, that digital innovation in the manufacturing space is achievable with the correct partners, approach, strategy, and solution. With this we are more motivated than ever to continue innovating, to continue supporting local and national SMEs, and to foster an interconnected community within the automotive manufacturing space and beyond!

The Tees Tech Awards 2023 were not only a celebration of achievements but also a testament to the thriving tech ecosystem in Teesside. The event showcased the remarkable talent and innovation present in the region, inspiring and motivating others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. With each passing year, the Tees Tech Awards continue to amplify the success stories of companies like ours, driving the tech sector forward and solidifying Teesside’s reputation as a hub for technological excellence.

The whole team at Fitfactory would like to thank Tees Business for this prestigious award, and we would also like to congratulate the other nominees for Company of the Year, Trade Interchange and Colewood Digital. We would also like to congratulate fellow Innovation award nominee, Core Systems Software, and Innovation award winner V-Lab!