TR Fastenings Provides Bespoke Fastening to Leading Tier 1 Automotive Company


Faltec Europe Employs TR Fastenings to Deliver Competitive Fastener Supply and Tooling Solution.

Faltec Europe, a global vehicle trim product manufacturer, required a bespoke fastening for a new major programme it had recently secured.

As TR Fastenings (TRF) and Faltec are known to each other and are both active within the NEAA network, Faltec approached the global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial and Cat C fastenings to tender for the work. As a result, a Request for Qualification (RFQ) was issued.


As a global full-service provider TRF was able to identify the original equipment source and submit a competitive supply solution. TRF was awarded the initial business.

Not only can TRF provide fastener solutions, but in this instance, it was able to supply tooling compatible for the fastener.

Timescales were challenging for both parties but with close co-operation not only were qualified parts supplied but tooling for development and ongoing production was delivered on time.

TRF provided ongoing support throughout the initial trial phase and was asked to assist in technical evaluation ready for onsite production at Faltec.

Following the successful project, TRF has been nominated to supply serial production expected to last over three years, cementing its relationship with Faltec.


  • Parts and tooling were delivered on spec and on time given challenging timescales.
  • Due to TRF’s extensive capability, it was able to offer Faltec additional product tooling over and above the initial bespoke fastening RFQ.
  • TRF provided ongoing project support ensuring onsite production timescales were met.
  • The successful project has resulted in ongoing work for TRF for the supply of serial production for a further three years.

“Providing a first-class service and gaining trust from Faltec Europe was of paramount importance. TR Fastenings want to be the first point of contact for Faltec’s ongoing fastener requirements and business development. Being an active member of the NEAA has enabled good business networking opportunities with new and existing customers.”

Greg Lynch, Automotive Business Development Manager
TR Fastenings

“Following late design changes on a project, Faltec Europe were faced with a challenging time line to find a solution. We contacted TRF for their input and support, which proved invaluable. TRF quickly offered a product that met the design requirements and they also suggested solutions on the assembly equipment that could be used, speeding up our process development. The final result was a change delivered on time and on budget.”

Wayne Turnbull, Senior Manager
Faltec Europe

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