Vantec scoops Digital Transformation Award, leading the charge in digital adoption

Vantec Europe Limited (VEU), a leading third party logistics (3PL) provider, was honoured with the prestigious Digital Transformation Award at the NEAA Annual Awards in March, recognising its remarkable journey of digital adoption and transformation.

Judges and category sponsor, NA College, unanimously agreed that Vantec Europe stood out as a worthy winner, showcasing evidence of how the implementation of innovative digital technologies has positively impacted the business, the automotive and advanced manufacturing sectors, and the environment.

Embarking on its Digital Transformation (DX) journey in April 2022, Vantec Europe established a semi-autonomous department, marking the beginning of an ambitious digital evolution. Through strategic investments in innovation, the company set out to differentiate itself from competitors and enhance operational efficiency.

A pivotal moment for Vantec Europe was aligning its digital strategy with corporate objectives, ensuring that digital transformation initiatives were fully integrated into the overall business strategy. This strategic alignment facilitated the development of a comprehensive digital roadmap tailored to achieving business goals.

The company’s transformation journey was characterised by key pillars, including customer and competitor strategy understanding, process re-engineering, collaboration with tech partners, focus on advanced technologies, cultivation of digital leadership, and data-driven decision-making.

Vantec Europe introduced a wide array of digital solutions across the business, including internal development of information systems such as inventory management, safety management, and purchasing systems. Notable customer improvement projects involved streamlining data and information for enhanced visibility and decision-making.

Recognising the importance of managing digital assets, Vantec Europe developed the VEU Digital Home platform, providing easy access to business information from any device.

Additionally, the company has invested in driver safety through a purpose-built Innovation Centre, which houses a Forklift Truck Centre of Excellence and a Learning Centre of Excellence, providing accelerated operational and safety improvements. This features advanced training methods like the Vantec Interactive Experience (VIE), a state-of-the-art interactive immersive training suite and forklift truck simulator which uses the latest in gamification design elements for training and has proven to be more effective than traditional training methods.

As a result of its pioneering efforts, Vantec Europe has become the flagship for digital transformation within the global group and parent company Vantec Corporation (VTC) and Logisteed. This recognition has sparked global collaboration initiatives, positioning Vantec Europe as a trailblazer in digital adoption within the industry.