Video Series: An Employer’s Guide To Immigration Law

Square One Law have produced a series of helpful videos to help employers navigate the complexities of employing workers from outside of the UK.

In today’s global business landscape, the ability to hire the right talent, often from across borders, is key to your business’s growth and success.

Securing the appropriate sponsorship licenses for hiring international workers is a delicate and vital process. Mistakes or oversights in this area can lead to significant setbacks, such as application rejections or compliance issues. It’s important to have a process that’s straightforward and reliable, ensuring your business remains compliant and focused.

Watch the video series by employment associate and immigration specialist Emily Warman to learn more.

Watch the trailer.

1 – Sponsorship



2 – Sponsor Licence

3 – Obligations


If you need any assistance with immigration matters or have any questions please contact Emily Warman on 0191 250 8500 or